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We recently sold our Bristol house and it was snapped up pretty quickly. There is strong demand for places to live in the city, but not many properties on the market. In fact there are over 7 million people thinking about selling but only 900k properties on Rightmove.

It was the same when we were looking for a house in Bristol 8 years ago – Doug and I resorted to writing letters and posting them through potential sellers doors to see if they might be interested in an off-market property sale.

*Disclaimer: this post is written in collaboration with Zump

Zump off-marketing property app for buyers

Now though, there’s a brand new fancy app to do your detective work for you! Zump helps you find information on your dream property, then contact the seller to see if they’d be interested in selling.

Using the app, navigate to your ideal location to discover promising properties. The Smart Search feature lets you filter houses that match your requirements – set the price, number of bedrooms and drop in on the street view to take a look around. You’ll also be able to see the legal property boundaries of the houses you’re looking at on the screen. Tap on a property you like the look of to find out more information such as predicted value range and last sold price, then send a ‘Zump’ to the owner to express your interest. If your Zump is accepted, a property advisor will be in touch!

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Zump off-market property app for sellers

Sellers can also see how much interest their property might get before going through the motions of enlisting an estate agent. This is a huge benefit as scheduling appointments with multiple agents, tidying up a house (especially with three kids in!), photographing the rooms and clearing out the clutter can be time-consuming, particularly if you’re only dabbling with the idea of selling.

Zump takes away this hassle by giving you all the tools you need to create a property profile. No agents, no contracts, no hassle. Using their template, you can create a property profile of your house using as much or as little detail as you feel comfortable with. Interested buyers can send you ‘Zumps’ via the app.

Having just gone through the process of selling our house in Bristol, the role of the Estate Agent – for the money they charge – feels obsolete and we were left feeling quite disappointed, let down and frustrated by the experience. We definitely think we would have benefited more by leading the process ourselves.

If you’re in Bristol and you’re considering a move, download the Zump app to test the market!

Zump off-market property app Bristol

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