REVIEW: Luxury recliner seats at Vue Bristol Cribbs Causeway

*Disclaimer: I was paid to test the luxury leather recliner seats at Vue Bristol Cribbs in exchange for content. As always, all opinions are my own.

Vue Bristol Cribbs review

Last week I was invited to watch a movie of my choice at Bristol Vue Cinema Cribbs Causeway to try out one of the 1,072 brand new luxury leather recliner seats that have just been installed. An afternoon cosying up with snacks, being paid to chill out and watch a film I’d be dying to see for ages? I was in! 

I toyed with the idea of bringing along my eldest two kids, to see one of the latest family releases (the buzz surrounding IF was quite tempting), but in the end decided on a solo trip to watch The Fall Guy and an afternoon of enforced downtime with Ryan Gosling.

A trip to Vue cinema is a great one to have in your back pocket on a rainy day with kids or as a fun date night in Bristol.

Cinema snack game

I’ve never done a solo trip to the cinema – I know some people love it, and now, I certainly think I can get on board. With no distractions, a seat that could be reclined fully back to enable my comfiest posish, and some tasty food and drink by my side, it was a great choice with the impending half term.

Vue Bristol Cribbs is located opposite out-of-town shopping mall, Cribbs Causeway. Being outside the city centre means there’s lots of free parking available for keen movie-goers.

On arrival at the cinema, I was like a kid in a candy shop, and can fully imagine the excitement the array of pick n’ mix, soft drinks, popcorn, chocolate and other goodies on display in the entrance hall would instil in my own children. Value drink and snack combos are available for kids (£3.99) and adults, and there’s also food available from Pizza Hut Express, Ben & Jerry’s and Square Pie, plus a fully-stocked bar.

I went for our traditional family cinema treat – sweet AND salty popcorn, plus a Fanta on the side (the latter I poured myself, which I know my children would also find equally thrilling).

Luxury leather recliner seats

I was really surprised at how roomy the whole seating area was in Vue Cinema Cribbs Causeway Bristol. The fold away trays were perfect for perching my popcorn and the cup holder meant there was no danger of spilling my drink.

The new luxury recliner seats were really comfortable and hugely enhanced the movie watching experience. After a few minutes of getting used to the novelty of moving my feet up and down, and my seat back and forth, I settled into the comfiest position and spent the next couple of hours feeling like I had been upgraded to first class in the film-viewing department.

Sitting upright for a couple of hours has been tricky for me since I had serious problems with my back and spinal surgery last year. At home I sit on a bouncy gym ball if I’m working and in the evenings I only ever lie down on the floor – I avoid sitting on a sofa as much as possible!

With these luxury leather seats, I can honestly say that they are a) very fun and b) super comfy. This extra level of comfort and knowing I can lie down, certainly makes me want to go and see a film at Vue Cinema in Bristol Cribbs Causeway more often.

On top of this, the Sony 4K screens and Dolby Atmos multi-dimensional sound created an environment that is very much removed from my lounge at home, where I never raise the volume too much for fear  I’ll wake a child. Here it felt like I was fully immersed in the story, with rumbling roars from exhilarating fast cars stunts and an all-encompassing soundtrack.

How to book Vue Cribbs Bristol

There are all types of big screen entertainment at Vue – from family favourites to theatre, sports and music events.

Give the recliner seats a try – from £8.99 when you book online at

Luxury leather recliner seats Vue Bristol Cribbs
Luxury leather recliner seats Vue Bristol Cribbs

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