Who is Mama Travels Earth?

I’m an award-winning writer, family travel blogger and Content Editor living in Bristol.

I’m Angharad, mama of two, travel lover, neon obsessive, sun worshipper and gin ‘enthusiast’. I am happiest outside in the sunshine and I do a mean velociraptor impression. Did I mention my most favourite drink on this Earth is gin? I am extremely hazardous on a bicycle, which has nothing to do with the gin…well, not always.

For several years I’ve been penning my thoughts on special places to see around the globe, hoping to inspire folk. I shout from the rooftops about my home city as Content Editor for Visit Bristol, was Editor of the Sawday’s French guides and recounted pre-parenting travel tales on my previous blog, ATP Travels, which is no more.

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Why bother writing this blog?

Travelling with young kids? Once I would have sniffed dismissively – “pff well of course, when I’m a parent, I’ll just carry on as I always have, just with a baby in tow, why would travelling be any different?”. WOW was I naive. I’d like to show my old self a little glimpse into current-self’s life and laugh heartily in old self’s face.

Of course travelling with children is perfectly possible, it’s just that it presents a few extra challenges, the patience of a very patient person and a bit of getting used to on the part of the parents. Which means making the most of all the help you can get from helpful resources…like Mama Travels Earth!

Since 2013 I’ve been climbing the learning cliff face of parenthood, googling the hell out of everything from the gritty lows of nappy contents to sleep-training tactics. To my relief, many questions I searched for had already been posed by a zillion parents before me. It is partly for this reason that I started this blog, to share what I learn along the way, hoping to help and inspire people to travel with young children and make their lives a little easier in doing so.

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I’m also an award-winning writer don’t you know…

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About Angharad Paull, Founder of Mama Travels Earth, Family Travel Blog

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