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Now on my third baby, I’ve become something of an expert in the baby carrier department and have somehow managed to accumulate my very own sling library! My second and third bubbas in particular loved nothing more than to be permanently limpet-ed to my front and I loved having them there when they were super tiny – for the snuggle factor and because life with two hands is much easier!

As one of those unfortunate souls who suffers from a bad back (I suffered a herniated L4/L5 disc 8 weeks after my first baby and ended up having a microdiscectomy), carrying babies in a way that is going to keep my back happy is top of the priority list of things I look for in a sling.

Having discovered and fallen in love with the Ergobaby 360 baby carrier for its back-protective ways, I was keen to see if Ergobaby had a similar newborn version which did not involve an extra bulky insert. To my delight, they did! And between the Baby Bjorn, Qatan and Freerider slings that I’ve tried and tested over the past few weeks, the Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier has outshone them all, become my go-to sling during the newborn phase and I consider it the best baby carrier for back support.

Read on for my Ergobaby Embrace Carrier review…

Wearing the Ergobaby embrace baby carrier - devon

What I love about the Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier

It’s really easy to put on

I attempted tying a material sling for a short while, and I won’t lie, the task was definitely a challenge for my sleep-deprived brain! I’d often have to refer to a YouTube video for help. The joy of the Ergobaby baby carrier is that the sling is structured and put together by clips which are fairly self explanatory and you can pop the sling on without the need to ask anybody else to intervene.

I found, clipping up the waistband strap and one of the crossover straps before putting the baby in was the easiest method. Then once I’d adjusted to the right position and do up the final strap and check baby was within head-kissing height.

The Ergobaby newborn carrier is really comfy to wear

The clip around the waist is one of the main benefits of this and other Ergobaby slings as it helps distribute the weight of the baby without restricting it entirely to your upper back and shoulders.. The thick shoulder straps also help lighten the load across your back and make the carrier very comfy to wear. The Ergobaby Embrace has been certified ‘back-friendly’ by experts at the AGR (Campaign for Healthier Backs).

The baby carrier straps are adjustable so the sling can be modified to fit different body types, both male and female and its unisex design means that Doug, my husband, is happy to wear it too.

The Ergobaby Embrace is also really light (it weighs around 480g) so it’s not cumbersome to wear or travel with. It’s made from jersey fabric, so it feels as soft as a wrap and feels cosy for the baby. 

Wearing the Ergobaby embrace baby carrier flossing in devon

You can use it from birth

When my third baby was born I alternated between the Qatan sling and the Ergobaby Embrace Carrier right from the beginning – it can be used with babies weighing 3.2-11.3kg (Although keep in mind the references to ages and weights are only general guidelines and each baby’s development is different).

I did like the Qatan in the first couple of weeks or so, but found myself constantly checking that the baby was still breathing. From then on I switched over to the Ergobaby Embrace, which seems to keep the little one’s head a bit more in place and in view so this fear is dispelled! This is thanks to the padded neckline, breathable sides and the spreadable shoulder strap option which helps keep fabric around the baby’s neck taut.

I also felt like the Ergobaby Embrace was more robust for wearing babies outdoors. My youngest was born in January 2021 when the UK was treated to a couple of weeks of snow and freezing temperatures, and popping him in a snowsuit in the Ergobaby just felt a bit more hardy against the elements than a wrap. Especially when they’re so tiny and are completely dwarfed by outdoor clothes.

Ergobaby embrace baby carrier in the snow

It has ergonomic benefits for the baby

The Ergobaby Embrace 2-position Carrier has been specially developed for newborns and babies and supports the ergonomic frog-leg position (“M” shape position) of the baby. This is supposedly better for their hips than the BabyBjorn.

You can have your hands back!

I love wearing babies in a sling. As well as keeping them close and cosy when they’re so tiny, baby carriers also give you back the use of two hands! This is particularly handy when you have other children to look after and things to get on with during the day. 

I also prefer not having to lug a pram around all the time (my kids have never been a fan of the pram as newborns either, so I’d often end up pushing an empty one and walking with a slinged-up baby anyway). 

I have been known to let the baby fall asleep in the sling and wedge myself upright to grab myself a quick snooze during the days when their eyes just pinged open as soon as I placed them in the cot.

Ergo Embrace how to wear: Ergobaby embrace positions

It’s not long before your tiny newborn goes from barely opening their eyes to being totally into everything. Facing out in a sling from around months helps cure the baby FOMO and can be super handy when they don’t want to be put down for too long and holding them all day in your arms just isn’t an option! 

The Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier offers TWO positions for the baby – front-inward and front- outward. 

Facing in offers a great nap time environment and my babies spent many hours snoozing on me while I got on with my daily activities like school runs, house tidying and walking.

best newborn sling for back support

It makes for a happy baby

With two other children to look after I didn’t have a lot of time to spend shushing a cot-reluctant baby to sleep for a nap that would last longer than it took me to settle him. With the Ergobaby Embrace, I’d just pop my baby in when he was due a nap and he’d be asleep in minutes – for a good couple of hours or so.

Ergobaby embrace baby carrier dartmouth

It’s machine washable

My third baby has practically lived in the sling since he was born and as such has been snuggled on my front during many daily meals! Eating over this bulk can sometimes be a bit awkward and I’ve often ended up dropping rice or salad into his neck rolls, and the odd squirt of ketchup down the front of the sling. 

There’s nothing more annoying than baby equipment that isn’t machine washable (who has time to handwash along with all the other tons of washing!?), but you can just pop the Ergobaby Embrace and the washing machine and hey presto, clean and quick to dry.

Ergobaby embrace baby carrier - sleeping bubba

Any downsides?

There’s no sunguard. Unlike with the Ergobaby 360 there’s no inbuilt sunguard so I got around this by putting a hat on my baby and a muslin lightly draped over his face. I could also do with some kind of food shelf to save his little head from all the meals that I’ve dropped down his neck LOL

Quickfire questions on the Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier

Can Ergobaby be worn on back?

Not this particular sling, but the Ergobaby 360, which is my favourite sling for older babies, can!

What are the Embrace baby carrier newborn safety credentials?

The Embrace is ergonomically-designed and acknowledged by the international Hip Dysplasia Institute as being ‘hip healthy’. The soft structured carrier supports your baby in the natural sitting position and evenly distributes their weight.

Can you breastfeed in Ergobaby Embrace?

I didn’t, but you can. Here’s a video from the Sling Library showing you how to do it.

Can you use the Ergobaby Embrace sling for a newborn?

Yes, the Ergo Embrace baby carrier was designed for the newborn phase and is suitable from birth (minimum weight 7 lbs./3.2 kg and minimum height 20 in/50.8 cm) to 25 lbs./11.3 kg, typically around 12-18 months. Can I use the Embrace baby carrier with my newborn baby? 

Can you put a baby in the Ergo embrace front facing?

Yes (see above), you can start wearing your baby facing out once they demonstrate all the following: strong head and neck control, starts showing interest in the world around them, chin above the carrier panel, and taller than 26 in/66 cm.

Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier how to use video can be found here.

How to wash Ergobaby Embrace?

The Embrace baby carrier is machine washable. Ergobaby recommend fastening all buckles before washing and putting the carrier in a pillowcase. However, I just bunged it in the machine as it was and it was fine.

Ergo Embrace review final verdict

For me, the Ergobaby Embrace Baby Carrier has been a godsend. My baby has lived in it from nearly day one, like a little tiny monkey permanently attached to my front. Through snow, wind, rain and sun, I’ve been able to sling my precious cargo up, transport him around and get on with my day.

It’s also proven a handy way to get myself some rest, whether that be literally – snoozing upright with him on me (!) or bypassing a tricky naptime in the early days, popping him in the sling and not thinking anymore about trying to get him down for a sleep.

After 3.5 months, we’re still going strong with the sling. My back is definitely telling me that I’ve been overusing it, and rightly so! After many months of pregnancy followed by weeks of breastfeeding and carrying a baby around, I’d say that’s fairly standard for any mama of a newborn. The sling can’t be totally back ache-free when ferrying a little mite around for a good 5-6 hours a day on top of everything else, but it’s the best of the baby carrier bunch in terms of looking after the old vertebrae and I’m grateful I found it.

I love how easy it is to put on and have had more than one slightly envious remark from a fellow newborn mama friend about how much comfier the Ergobaby looked compared to her elastic wrap sling. It’s super easy to put on, take off and travel with and I’d highly recommend it for daily life with a newborn, as a baby carrier for plane, and travel in general.

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