9 reasons why an Ergobaby 360 is the best baby carrier for travel

To sling or not to sling? That is the question. Having attempted a holiday without a baby-carrying device, I strongly urge you to take the plunge and hoist that little rugrat up if you’re travelling. But not all baby carriers are born equal…so what is the best baby carrier for travel?

Far and away my favourite baby carrier for travel is the Ergobaby 360. It’s great if you have back problems – I suffered a herniated disc after my first baby so this is a hugely important factor – as the weight is dispersed more comfortably around your hips rather than your shoulders. There’s also the added bonus that you can wear your baby facing out (the ONLY way my baby wanted to face in order to see everything going on) – which is perfect for inquisitive babies. You can also wear it like a rucksack on your back. For a tinier baby, there’s a padded newborn insert that fits inside the sling to keep them snug. The only downside is that it can be tricky to do up the top strap by yourself if you’re travelling solo, but there’s normally a helpful passerby who is happy to assist!

You may also want to have a look at the Moby Wrap and BabyBjörn for tiny babies, although I found the first quite fiddly (not great for travelling through airports) and the latter very easy but awful for shoulder and neck pain.

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Here’s why an Ergobaby 360 is the best baby carrier for travel:

1. An Ergobaby 360 is the best baby carrier for travel…for stress relief at the airport

If you’ve arrived at the airport with a toddler who’d give Houdini a run for his money in the art of escaping and enough luggage to equip the residents of a small village, you’re going to need some free hands. Add to that a leaking nappy and a range of extra liquids (Calpol, milk, Ella’s pouches…etc) that you have to remove at Passport Control and unless you have the skills of an octopus and the patience of a saint, this is one occasion where having a tiny ninja strapped onto you will save you a lot of money in gin-relief.  It’s also so much more practical if you’re herding several little ones or have a tiny babe.

Using a baby sling at the airport
The face of someone with a sickness bug who has just spent 10 hours on plane looking after 2 kids

2. …when there aren’t any seat belts

If the country you’re visiting takes a more relaxed approach to the the whole seat belt thing, a baby carrier can make your precious bundle feel a wee bit more secure. Strap’em to your chest in taxis, tuk tuks, golf buggies, boats and so on for extra safety peace of mind.

wearing a baby carrier on a Boat, Bangkok

3. …when you want to go shopping

While I try to avoid shopping with little ones at all costs (it’s just too stressful and normally ends with me having to dash out of changing rooms naked), perusing the odd market while you’re abroad is a definite must. Strap that wriggly human into place on your body, take a ton of snacks for distraction/bribery, stay just long enough and you’re golden!

Tuk tuk Thailand - Bangkok

4. An Ergobaby 360 is the best baby carrier for travel…when you want to go exploring

Most buggies are not made for off-roading and repeated punctures, mud on the tyres and a soggy undercarriage are all things I’m sure you could do without when travelling. Not to mention the difficulty of pushing the thing in the first place. Of course, they’re great for shady snoozes and saving your backs, but an Ergobaby 360 carrier or rucksack (below) is just so much more flexible for exploring, particularly on mixed terrain.

carrying a toddler in an osprey backpack on the isle of skye

5. …on public transport

Escalators, crowds, a gap to mind…It’s bad enough getting on public transport with a heavy bag let alone a couple of mini people and their paraphernalia. If you can use a baby carrier for at least one of them, I think your fluster levels will be much more manageable.

6. …when you need to be a packhorse

Even when your children have long-since mastered the art of walking, 95% of the time they will still demand to be carried. Baby carriers can assist with the number of children you can carry at once – much like a packhorse – making trips to and from any destination with all your extra baby and toddler baggage a little bit easier.

Dartmouth ferry, wearing a toddler in a slingbaby sling in use on a Mauritius beach

7. …when you find yourself in an exceptional situation

Travelling has a way of throwing you into unique circumstances that create crazy memories. Say, for example you and your 10-month old get offered the chance to drive a boat down the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok…if you’re wearing a baby carrier, you are more likely to shine as a multi-tasking genius!

Driving a boat Bangkok while wearing a baby on my chest

8. …for everyday travelling life

Hats off to you if you’ve managed to avoid burning, garrotting and impaling yourself while going about your daily life with only one hand, while the other balances a baby. If you haven’t evolved extra arms since having a child, then an Ergobaby 360 carrier can make all the difference in completing household chores – only really works with tiny bubbas though…

View from Kingswear over Dartmouth, wearing a toddler in an ergobaby 360

9. …when you need to strike a pose for your Instagram

If there’s a sunset and you feel compelled to strike the ‘classic Egyptian’ pose as I like to call it, then an Ergobaby 360 carrier provides you with use of both your arms with which to achieve this, creating a beautiful shot for your Instagram feed. And if that doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

Koh Lanta sunset and ergobaby 360 sling in use

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9 reasons why an Ergobaby 360 is the best baby carrier for travel

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