50+ things to do in Weston-super-Mare

The existence of Weston-super-Mare, was first brought to my attention while watching an episode of ‘Bottom’. Richie, played by Rik Mayall, spots the town in a magazine and reminisces over his time there, which involves loudly exclaiming “Weston-super-Maaaaaare!” repeatedly while thrusting his groin. Potentially not the best introduction to a destination, but memorable nonetheless.

Since then, Weston has always kind of intrigued me, and I first got to visit when Banksy put the Somerset seaside town firmly on the global art map, with his temporary ‘bemusement park’, Dismaland. Since then, I’ve spent eight months, working for North Somerset Council and Super Weston, to raise awareness of the fantastic improvements that are taking place, the incredible outdoor lifestyle the town affords and the people doing great things in Weston.

Although Weston-super-Mare sometimes gets a bad wrap, a  £20 million investment from the Government’s Levelling Up Fund, as part of North Somerset Council’s ambitious placemaking vision for the town, means that there’s huge regeneration taking place in the town.

In addition to a thriving cultural event programme, you’ll find great places to eat in Weston including lots of independent restaurants, fantastic art deco architecture, great pubs, breathtaking cycle paths, countryside walks, great playgrounds, and a marine lake for year-round swimming and watersports. There’s so much more to the seaside town than it’s former reputation may have you believe. What’s more, it’s just 20 minutes on a train from Bristol. So, if you’re wondering, is Weston-super-Mare worth visiting? Here are over 50 best things to do in Weston super Mare.

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Weston-super-Mare beach, somerset
Weston super Mare

Things to do in Weston-super Mare with kids

Weston-super-Mare offers a plethora of family-friendly activities to keep kids entertained. I’ve listed below some of the best kids activities in Weston-super-Mare. From visiting the iconic Grand Pier, to picnicking in lovely parks like Grove ParkClarence ParkEllenborough, to traffic-free cycling, woodland walks, and Weston splash park, here are the best things to do with kids in Weston-super-Mare.

Clip ‘n Climb Weston-super-Mare, Dolphin Square

Located just off the seafront, not far from The Grand Pier, Clip ‘n Climb WSM offers kids (aged 4 and upwards) and adults the chance to scale thrilling, vibrant coloured climbs of all shapes, nooks and surfaces. Once harnessed up and briefed on safety, you’re ready to take on the South West’s highest indoor climbing walls.

If you’re familiar with the Bristol venue, I’d say this Clip ‘n Climb is slightly better, thanks to the light bright windows and variety of structures to climb or descend, including giant baubles, a mario-esque Stairway to Heaven and an 11m Vertical Drop. 

If you’re going with capable youngsters, there’s a cafe overlooking the climbing arena so you can watch them clamber (with help from an attentive instructor team) while you do something far less strenuous.

Click here to find out latest prices for Clip and Climb indoor activities Weston-super-Mare

Revo Glo Golf 

Located inside Revo Kitchen restaurant on the seafront (where the old SeaQuarium used to be), Revo Glo Golf is a neon-tastic glow-in-the-dark crazy golf course. Putt a hole-in-one under the UV lights and graffiti artist ‘Ghost’-spray-painted walls – if you score enough points you’ll win another round! Walk-ins only.

Click here to find out more info about Glo Golf Weston super Mare

Revo Glo Golf Weston-super-Mare
Revo Glo Golf

The Grand Pier

One of Weston’s most famous landmarks, The Grand Pier, has been around since 1904. Under its covered roof you’ll find fairground rides, slot machines, rats to splat, arcade machines, a laser maze, hall of mirrors, a soft play area and even a Go Kart track. Not for the faint-hearted, it’s very much an assault on the senses – which means kids especially love it! 

Look out for special events taking place on the pier throughout the year – Santa’s Grotto, an Emergency Services weekend, fireworks and more.

Click here to check what’s on at The Grand Pier

The Grand Pier, Weston-super-Mare
The Grand Pier,

Castle Batch All-Inclusive SEND Play Park

Castle Batch in Worle is a new, all-inclusive Special Educational Needs Disabilities (SEND) playground where families with children with, and without, SEND can play together.

The park has a wheelchair roundabout, wheelchair swing and accessible swings along with many accessible futures, including a sensory natural planting area and additional trees.


Imagination Fascination

Located on Weston High Street, Imagination Fascination is a vibrant children’s play centre aimed at igniting kids’ imaginations through role play. The ground floor resembles a mini ‘village’, with everything from restaurants, to a police station, a veterinary surgery and a supermarket. Connecting these pint-sized establishments is a road, perfect for little ones to zoom in on small cars and bikes.

But the fun doesn’t end there! Imagination Fascination also has a ball pit, a sensory room designed for babies, an intergalactic nerf zone and cafe.

Imagination Fascination opens seven days a week and offers four one hour 45 minute sessions a day.


Pirate Adventureland

Walk the plank on the High Ropes course, take on the perilous 18-hole adventure golf course or sit back and have a cuppa while your friends and family challenge themselves to this swashbuckling piratey-themed adventure, close to the seafront. Salty local Somerset seadogs get a discount!

Looking for things to Weston-super-Mare? Click here to check prices for Pirate Adventureland

Pirate Adventureland. Weston-super-Mare
Pirate Adventureland

Go to the theatre

If you’re looking for fun things to do for adults or kids around Weston-super-Mare, there are three theatres to choose from in the town.

The Playhouse Theatre seats 664. Its programme of events includes around 350 performances a year ranging from opera and ballet to comedy, music and pantomime performances, with major stars treading the boards over the years.

Click to find out more about The Playhouse, and its Weston-super-Mare events

Playhouse Theatre, Weston
Playhouse Theatre, Weston

The Blakehay Theatre brings national popular shows to the town as well as local productions and is a creative hub for artists and performers in the area.

One of Weston’s newest cultural venues, The Front Room, was set up by the same people who started Bristol’s Wardrobe Theatre. It has a great line-up, attracting sell-out crowds with its eclectic programme and hosting regular family-friendly shows.

Free things to do Weston-super-Mare

Weston Museum 

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Weston-super-Mare with kids, check out Weston Museum. Here you can learn about the area, from prehistoric times, through the Victorian era tourism boom, all the way up to the present day.

Don’t miss their family events and Clara’s Cottage – a well-preserved 1940s home that gives a fascinating insight into life in Weston during the Second World War. Recent exhibits have included Horrible Histories and Dr Who exhibition.

Click to find out more about Weston Museum

Weston Museum
Weston Museum

Hit the beach

Whatever you think (or thought) about Weston, you can’t deny that its huge stretch of sandy beach isn’t an attractive prospect. For me, having a sandy beach just 40-minutes down the road from Bristol was a luxury with young kids, especially as there are also donkey rides, swing boats and a bouncy castle to entertain them (if they ever tire of sand-castling!). The beach also has views over the water to the Brean Down promontory and the fort at its end, which is pretty picturesque, particularly at sun up or sun down.

It is possible to swim at Weston at high tide, but you need to be very careful and abide by lifeguard guidance and heed the danger signs. Tides are strong here and there is sinking mud in these parts. 

The main beach area, with its donkey rides and family entertainment, lies south of The Grand Pier, but you’ll also find sand to castle and sunbathe on by Weston Marine Lake. Throughout the year you’ll also find a range of events taking place – everything from the Marine Parade Parkrun to a Sand Sculpture Festival.

Weston’s patch of sand is also excellent for dog walkers. From October-April dogs are allowed on the beach between The Grand Pier and Royal Sands, while there are no restrictions for dog walking between The Grand Pier and Knightstone Island or Royal Sands and Uphill beach at any time of year.

Discover more beaches close to Weston-super-Mare

Swim in Weston Marine Lake

Originally created in the 1920s as a tidal pool for swimmers and a safe haven for water activities in the Bristol Channel (which experiences strong tides), this seafront marine infinity lake is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Since its renovation in 2022, Weston Marine Lake is a favourite with families and visitors looking for a sandy beach, swimming, paddleboarding, canoeing or sandcastle building. And not a lot of non-locals know about it…yet!

Explore Weston’s street art trail

Didn’t have Weston down as a graffiti hub? Well, given its street-art-big-gun neighbour Bristol isn’t that far away, it’s not too much of a stretch to discover that there is in fact a 2-mile trail encompassing vibrant murals around the town centre.

The Weston Wallz graffiti trail was organised by Upfest, the team behind Europe’s biggest street art festival, which takes place in Bristol. if you’re looking for cheap days out in Weston-super-Mare, seeking out the murals on this map is a great activity with or without children in tow.

Inkie Oxford Corner Cafe
Inkie Oxford Corner Cafe

Water Adventure Play Park

This seasonal water park (open from April to September) sits opposite Weston-super-Mare seafront, next to Melrose Car Park and is a great one to know about in a British heatwave. Kids will love the aquatic playground with sprinklers, fountains and sprays triggered by sensors and buttons. There’s a charge of £2.50 per child and you can return the same day as many times as you like. 

When the splash pad is closed, the wooden play equipment in the park remains open.

Click to find out opening times for the adventure play park

Weston-super-Mare Water splash park
Weston-super-Mare Water splash park

Birnbeck Pier

The Grand Pier might be the most famous, but did you know the first and oldest pier to make its mark in Weston was Birnbeck, which opened in 1867? It’s the only pier in the country to connect the mainland to an island, and is well worth a gander. Beatles fan? They were pictured here early on in their career!

These days Birnbeck Pier resembles something out of Banksy’s Dismaland, all broken boards, flailing railings, and skeletal buildings – it’s a stark and haunting reminder of the town’s Victorian heyday. However, Lottery funding has been granted to save it, so watch this space!

Birnbeck Pier Weston super Mare
Birnbeck Pier

Weston Woods and Worlebury Hill Fort

Perched on the edge of the Mendip Hills and surrounded by gorgeous Somerset countryside, Weston-super-Mare is a walker’s paradise. Worlebury Woods – also known as Weston Woods, spans a whopping 321 acres and offers a range of walking trails enjoyed by keen hikers, dog-walkers and families. 

A pushchair and wheelchair-friendly accessible path will lead you all the way to a 2,000+ year old Iron Age Hill fort (1.5 miles) and a wooden play area. The hill fort, designated a scheduled monument since 1915, thanks to its rare coastal location, considerable defences and archaeological importance, is a lovely spot for a walk, although there’s not much actual ‘fort’ left to see now.

Extend your stroll to National Trust-protected natural pier, Sand Point and you’ll be treated to spectacular views across the Bristol Channel to Wales and Sand Bay.

Click to plan your visit to Worlebury Hill Fort

Worlebury Hill Fort near Weston super Mare
View of Worlebury Hill Fort from Sand Bay

Visit Brean Down

2 miles down the coast from Weston super Mare is Brean Down, one of the longest stretches of sandy beach in Europe. Down one end of the beach, landkiters whip across the flat sands, while down the other, is one of the great landmarks of the Somerset coastline – Brean Down

Again, this is mudflat territory and it’s dangerous to walk too far out at low tide, so just remember to take note of the warning signs when strolling along the beach.

The adventurous can climb the steps (there are over 100) up to the top of this 97-metre high ‘natural pier’ for breathtaking panoramic views over the Somerset Levels and Bristol Channel, back to Weston super Mare. Visitors can walk all the way to the end of the promotory to discover the ruin of a Victorian fort – built to defend the country against a possible Napoleonic invasion.

As it’s National Trust protected, there is parking (free for NT members), as well as a shop and cafe next to the beach, plus some toilets should you need them. 

Cycle or walk the Brean Down Way

Embark on a eight-mille scenic cycle from The Grand Pier in Weston, along the dramatic headland to rugged natural pier, Brean Down  (it takes around an hour each way), for breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and coastline. En route there’s lots to discover, including a fascinating Victorian fort, which played a vital role in defending the area during World War II, Walborough Nature Reserve, Uphill Marina, sand dunes and The Boathouse (perfect for a refuel).

Very soon, you’ll be able to cycle a new 13-mile route along the coast from The Grand Pier to Clevedon Pier – watch this space!

Uphill Nature Reserve near Weston-super-Mare
View of Uphill Marina

Walking tours and what to see in Weston-super-Mare

Blue Plaque Tour Weston

There are many commemorative blue and other historical plaques on buildings in Weston-super-Mare to commemorate notable people with a connection to the town.

A printed guide is available from Weston Museum or a PDF can be downloaded here.

Hans Price walk

Discover Weston’s heritage as you walk in the footsteps of renowned Victorian architect Hans Fowler Price (1835-1912) on this self-guided walking tour.

Beach, wind & water sports in Weston-super-Mare

Weston is fantastic for beach, wind and water sports and adrenaline-seekers who’ve figured this out are now moving to WsM, to capitalise on the outdoorsy lifestyle the town affords them. Even if beach, wind and water sports aren’t your thing, watching the experts at work as they pelt down the beach, is a fun sunset activity.

Roller skating

Weston Rollers’ Skate Nights takes place on Fridays (6.30pm). Everybody on wheels, roller skates and skateboards takes over the beach and the promenade.

Traction kiting

At the far end of the beach, towards Uphill, Weston has one of the only dedicated kite zones on any beach in the UK. If you’re interested in getting involved in traction kiting, South & West Association of Traction Kiting (whose buggies can be seen powering up and down the beach) give great help and guidance.


Weston can be one of the best beaches in the country for kitesurfing in the right weather conditions. There’s also a phenomenon in Weston – as the landmass heats up through the day, the cold air gets drawn up the estuary and sucked in by the rising of the warm air over the town, the cold air gets drawn in off the sea and increases the wind in the evening, so kite surfers get lovely sunset kiting sessions.

The kitesurfers group, Weston Wind, Wheels and Waves is a really approachable group if you’d like to know more.

Kite surfing in Weston-super-Mare
Kite surfing in Weston

Blokarts and stunt kit

Blokarts are small sailing land vessels that tuck themselves into a little formula one-type car, with a sail above their head. You’ll see them in the Kite Zone area at the far end of the beach, where all the wooden posts make a big square.

Check out the organisation Weston Blokart Club for more information.


Paddleboarding and any kind of floating craft are welcome in Weston Marine Lake (anything non-motorised or wind-assisted). It’s a good area to take up the sport if you’ve got your own equipment, as it’s a really safe environment. 

The WhatSUP UK do paddleboard lessons during the summer holidays. They also have the world’s only wheelchair accessible paddleboard.

Open water swimming in Weston

Contrary to some people’s belief, there’s much enjoyment to be had from a plunge in the Bristol Channel around Weston. For those interested in open-water swimming, there are two Facebook groups (Mudlarks and Supermares!), which bring people together and provide the most up to date information about swimming in the sea.

They recommend only swimming half an hour before high tide, to avoid it completely when the tide is on its way out because of strong currents, and ALWAYS swim with somebody else. Check tide times here.

Weston is also home to a recently-renovated, infinity-style marine lake, which is around 250 metres in length and the largest of its kind in the world (see above).

A new shower has recently been installed and future planned work includes more dredging, replacing the ‘apron’, installing a disabled hoist, repairs to the slipway, more showers, lakeside events and more.

Weston Marine Lake
Weston Marine Lake

Unusual things to do in Weston-super-Mare for adults

Hire an electric bike

​​Surrounded by beautiful countryside and excellent cycle routes, Weston-super-Mare is a fantastic place for a pedal, whether you’re an avid mountain rider or prefer more of a leisurely pace on two wheels, you’ll find everything from flat seafront promenade to coastal paths and stunt jumps in the woods. 

No bike? No problem! Hire one from eBikeUFO, located just five minutes from the promenade. Or, you can hire bikes in Brean and head off exploring.

To plan rides around Weston-super-Mare, The North Somerset Cycle Map is available free of charge from libraries and can also be downloaded from www.betterbybike.info – the joint local authority website for all things cycling in the West of England.

Go thrill-seeking at Sand Bay Dirt Jumps

The thrilling Sand Bay Dirt Jumps at Kewstoke are some of the most exhilarating and daring stunt jumps in the country, and attract BMW and stunt riders from all over the South of England. Most weekends, you’ll see a good gathering of highly-talented enthusiasts there including riders from as far away as Hampshire and Cornwall.

Unmissable events in Weston-super-Mare

Weston-super-Mare events calendar is jam-packed all year-round, meaning there are always things to do in, regardless of the weather, season or budget.


  • When? 13-17 February 2024, 5.30-10pm

Super Culture is a pioneering initiative that places outstanding cultural activity at the heart of Weston-super-Mare’s daily life and the result is some fantastic town-wide events, like ‘GLOW’ Light Festival and Whirligig. Taking place in February, GLOW features spectacular installations, illuminations, interactive activities, multi-sensory and magical experiences around Weston’s town centre, The Grand Pier, Princess Royal Square and the Italian Gardens.

Tickets for GLOW in Grove Park are available on a Pay What You Decide basis with a suggested price of £6 (minimum £2) for adults and free for under 16s and carers. Under 16s need to be accompanied by an adult. 

GLOW Digital Funfair Hexagons, by Gavin Morris
GLOW Digital Funfair Hexagons, by Gavin Morris

Grand Pier Fireworks at Sea

  • When? 17 February 2024

Watch the fantastic Weston pier fireworks for free anywhere along the promenade, or make it an extra-special night and buy tickets to see the fireworks from the iconic Grand Pier. Your evening will also include unlimited rides on the pier.

Harbor Lights Elvis Festival

  • When? February

Europe’s Premier Elvis Festival, ‘Harbor Lights’, takes place at The Winter Gardens Pavilion in Weston-super-Mare in February. The three-day festival features an ‘Images of the King’ World Championship Qualifying Pro Contest, plus a Non-Pro/Youth contest for ETA’s from across the world.

Eat: Weston Food Festival

  • When? April, September and December

An award-winning, free-to-attend food and drink festival held in the Italian Gardens featuring over 80 producers, street food, entertainment, cook school, print workshops and more. Look out for the Christmas edition!

See what’s happening at the next Eat: Weston Food festival

Armed Forces & Emergency Services Open Day

  • When? 22 June 2024

Weston’s Armed Forces Day & Emergency Services Open Day takes place on Weston seafront and showcases the work of the local Armed Forces Family and 999 responders.

The event commences with a Veterans Parade and concludes with a Drum-head Service and final muster. Through out the day visitors can enjoy arena displays, stall holder exhibits, demonstrations and themed entertainment.

Weston Lion Real Ale & Cider Festival

  • When? 26-28 July 2024

The Weston Lions Club Real Ale & Cider Festival takes place on the beach lawns. Tickets available on the day at the gate, £3 before 5pm, £5 after 5pm.

Grove Park

This beautiful patch of green, just a short hop from the seafront, is home to well-kept lawns, a pretty rock garden and pools, tennis courts, a children’s play area and grade-II listed Victorian bandstand.

A number of events take place in the park – over 55s can join free outdoor Tai Chi and yoga sessions. During the summer months, the bandstand is the place to be for free live music entertainment, ‘Garden Grooves’ – grab an oat milk latte and slab of cake from plant-based park cafe, Sprout, and tap along to a diverse selection of musical acts.

Weston Beach Rugby and Netball Festival

  • When? 16-18 August 2024

The Weston Beach Rugby and Netball Festival is an annual event which attracts teams from across the country to compete in friendly, yet competitive, matches. Bring along your fancy dress for the Beach Party! The chosen charity is The Royal Marines Charity.

Weston Shanty and Folk Festival

  • 2-4 August 2024

Audiences can expect to soak up the sounds of shanties and folk tunes, performed by both local artists and acts from further afield at Weston’s Sea Shanty Fest. Dress as your favourite pirate and join in the fun. 

Weston Pride

  • When? Weston-super-Mare Pride returns in 2024… 


  • When? September

Whirligig is a festival where international and local performers come together to bring audiences jaw-dropping outdoor arts experiences in Weston-super-Mare. The programme is delivered in partnership with Without Walls. Expect everything from high street dancing, communal karaoke (a ‘massaoke’), boating on the marine lake and colourful parades.

Weston Beach Race

  • When? 11-13 October 2024

Prepare for the electrifying return of the 41st Weston Beach Race on Weston-super-Mare seafront. Thrills, heart-pounding action, exciting changes and announcements are lined up for 2024!

Weston Carnival

One of the biggest illuminated parades in Europe, the Weston super Mare Carnival is a historic family-friendly event, traditionally held to commemorate Guy Fawkes’s 1605 plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament. 

The two-hour-long spectacle of light, music and dance winds its way for almost 2 miles through the streets of Weston, attracting around 100,000 spectators each year. The event is free, although donations to local charities, via their carnival official collectors are received gratefully.

Check to see Weston carnival route and when the next carnival is taking place in Weston


Where to eat in Weston-super-Mare

As I got to know Weston better, I was stunned by how many great eateries and Weston restaurants there were serving top-notch nosh. From piers with panoramic sea views, to seafront dining accompanied by flickering fire pits, and a whopping three Japanese restaurants to name a few, if you thought your only option for food in Weston was a bag of chips and an ice cream cone, think again – this humongous list of the best places to eat in Weston is proof!

Ice cream in front onf the grand pier in Weston-super-Mare

Things to do near Weston-super-Mare

Helicopter Museum

The Helicopter Museum houses the world’s largest dedicated helicopter collection, with over 100 exhibits on display in an all-weather undercover hangar. Highlights of the famous collection include ‘The Hind’ gunship, and the world’s fastest helicopter, the Westland G-Lynx. As well as the aircraft, the museum also has a kid’s play helicopter, rare toy helicopter displays, a museum cinema, helicopter experience flights and it hosts regular open cockpit and childrens’ fun days (you can see Santa arrive by helicopter at Christmas!).

Read Helicopter Museum reviews here


Court Farm Country Park

Court Farm Country Park is a family attraction near Weston as well as a a working farm run by the Gwyn Family. Home to a pedigree herd of Red Ruby Devon Cattle and a flock of pedigree Texel sheep, visitors can see baby animals and have a great day out on trampolines, ride-on tractors, free tractor rides, animal feeding, sand pits, pony grooming, an aerial skyway, safari jeeps, a Maize Maze in summer and loads more!

Bleadon Levels Nature Reserve

A short drive south of Weston, this 68-acre nature reserve consists of wetland, saltmarsh and tidal creek habitats, as well as grassland, reed bed and open freshwater lagoons.

Footpaths wind and wend around the reserve, which is home to a diverse range of wildlife including animals such as otters and brown hares, insect life and bird species – so keep your eyes peeled as you wander round. Keen bird spotters can hide away in two bird hides on each side of the lagoon, where Cetti’s warblers, breeding skylarks and owls might make an appearance.

Click to find out more about Bleadon Levels

Brean Leisure Park

Brean Leisure Park is a coastal amusement park in Brean, near Burnham-on-Sea, about 20-minutes drive from Weston super Mare. Open from Easter-November, the theme park has over 40 attractions for all adrenaline levels including indoor and outdoor Roller Coasters, a Wild Water Log Flume, Dodgems, Crazy Boats, a ghost train and more.

Brean Splash outdoor water park is also located here and its water play area for under 12s, water slides for young and older kids, shallow pool and a sunbathing area make it great for a hot day. There’s also an indoor splash pool, indoor swimming pool and baby pool. 

Click to book tickets to Brean Leisure Park

Puxton Park

Set in 40 acres of rolling Somerset countryside, this family adventure park is jam-packed with all-weather fun stuff for kids. Outside there are tractor rides, a bouncing pillow, trampolines, a miniature train, crazy golf, playgrounds, bumper boats, a pedal kart track, diggers, a boating lake, dodgems-style cars, a high ropes course and all kinds of animals to meet.

If the weather turns, there’s indoor soft play, animals to pet in the discovery barn, a couple of restaurants and a farm shop to keep you entertained. Your biggest problem is trying to squeeze it all into one day!

Look out for special events including pumpkin picking, a fireworks display, Christmas experiences, supper with Santa and more.

Click to check prices at Puxton Park

Sand Point and Middle Hope

Sand Point, which lies just north of Weston super Mare is a natural pier that juts into the Bristol Channel and has spectacular views across Sand Bay and across the water to Wales.

This patch of North Somerset is National-Trust protected land and from the NT car park beside the beach, there is a lovely 3 mile route, which takes you on a circular coastal walk around Sand Point. During the stroll it’s possible to walk right out along the headland and drop down to the rocks on the shingley beach (just check the tide times beforehand).

Find out more information about Sand Point here

Uphill Nature Reserve

For panoramic views over the surrounding countryside, Uphill Nature Reserve is a perfect place to wander. Hike up the grassy hill out of Uphill village to the tower – the ruins of an old windmill (which you can climb), for sensational views over Weston Super Mare, the Somerset levels, Welsh hills, Bristol Channel and the roofless old Norman church of St Nicholas. 

Finish your walk around the 17-hectare site, drop down to Uphill beach or extend it to The Brean Down Way – an 8-mile walking and cycling route which links Weston with Brean Down. Long-distance walkers can take on The West Mendip Way, which is approximately 30 miles (48km) in length, and runs between Uphill and the City of Wells, passing through some of the most scenic sections of the Mendip Hills AONB.

Plan your visit to Uphill Nature Reserve

Uphill Nature Reserve
Uphill Nature Reserve

Mendip Activity Centre

Spread across 250 acres in the Mendip Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, not far from Weston-super-Mare, Mendip Activity Centre is the largest, independently-owned, outdoor activity provider in the South West.

There are over 20 activities to choose from, all led by fully-qualified instructors. Visitors aged four and upwards can take part in an array of adventurous activities, including tobogganing, paddleboarding, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, frisbee golf, archery, axe throwing and more!

Twilight Tobogganing Mendip Activity Centre
Twilight Tobogganing Mendip Activity Centre

Visit Steep Holm Island

Gaze out over the Bristol Channel from Weston seafront and you’ll see a small island lying six miles offshore on the horizon. This is Steep Holm, a 50-acre-ish island that is home to interesting archaeological finds, as well as diverse wildlife and rare flora and fauna. It’s fairly isolated, thanks to its strong tidal currents, but visits are possible thanks to Bay Island Voyages between spring and autumn (weather depending), and make for a fascinating day trip. 

Depending on the time of year, visitors can spot large colonies of gulls, cormorants, peregrine falcons and Muntjac Deer. There are also World War II and Victorian gun emplacements, and underground ammunition stores. 

Click to find out more information about Steep Holm Island

Steep Holm Island Weston super Mare
View of Steep Holm Island from Weston super Mare

Best places to eat in Weston super Mare

Believe it or not, there are some fantastic places to eat in Weston-super-Mare. Thanks to its seaside credentials, Weston has long been famed for fish and chips, but the town is also home to some fantastic independent eateries, most of which are just a short walk from the seafront. Add to this, sundowners overlooking the beach, cosy nights in tapping along to local bands, craft ales at local microbreweries and cocktail-fuelled nights out!

Locals rave about not one, but three Japanese restaurants (Sakura, Ebisu and Ikanji), then there’s Loves with its outstanding vegan food and a sprinkling of cosy cafés such as The Stable, and hearty tapas at The Ginger Pig.

Take your pick of restaurants with sea views – (Il Michelangelo’s and The Old Thatched Cottage always come out tops), plus a sunset-viewing spot at Revo Kitchen to rival Ibiza (yes, really!)

47. Revo Kitchen

Located slap bang on the seafront, on the site of the old SeaQuarium, new restaurant and bar Revo Kitchen has some of the best views around. There’s loads of seating inside, and when the weather’s warm, I imagine sinking a G&T on the terrace beside their table fire pits while the sun sets over the sea is rather dreamy.

On the Revo menu, you’ll find the standard fare – burgers, salads, fish and chips, plus some dishes for the kids (although for some reason they have made the childrens’ goujons spicy and have added truffle oil to the macaroni cheese, which did not go down well with my little crew). 

Read the Revo Weston-super-Mare reviews here

Things to do in Weston-super-Mare in the evening

Listen to live music

The Stable, Weston-super-Mare
The Stable,

Visit a local microbrewery

The Black Cat is the place to go for cask and craft ales, lager, fine wine, artisan gins and spirits, plus an excellent range of ciders, and great bar snacks.

Fat Head Brewery is a new start-up microbrewery and tap room in the Grove Village area of Weston. Brewing its own beers and also featuring locally-brewed beers (like Bristol Beer Factory) alongside local spirits and cider.

Discover the best pubs in Weston-super-Mare

Where to stay in Weston super Mare

The Royal Hotel 

Dating back to 1807, The Royal was the first hotel to open in the town. The Georgian seafront building has 44 ensuite bedrooms, a bar and restaurant, extensive lawns and is ideally placed close to the town’s main attractions, including the Winter Gardens Pavilion, the beach, the Grand Pier and the main shopping street. We had a family room with cot and bunk beds when all five of us stayed here and thought it was one probably of the best places to stay in Weston-super-Mare.

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Beachlands Hotel

A great spot for a seaside getaway, the Beachlands Hotel overlooks a golf course and sand dunes and is just 350 yards from the sandy beach and promenade. There’s also an indoor pool, sauna, south-facing garden and acclaimed restaurant – the latter a perfect combo for afternoon tea.

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The Grand Atlantic

Overlooking the sea, The Grand Atlantic in Weston-super-Mare is a striking hotel with limestone turrets. There are 72 bedrooms which range from standard to superior – some with sea views.

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South Sands Hotel

Just north of Weston-super-Mare, the independent South Sands hotel is a stone’s throw from Sand Bay. With lots of live music events come summer, you’ll want to bag a spot for drinks and nibbles on the terrace, after a stroll on the nearby beach.

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Mendip Basecamp

About half an hour’s drive from Weston, Mendip Basecamp campsite runs alongside Mendip Activity Centre, providing thrilling adventure holidays to families and family groups.

The camp is the perfect spot for big groups of families looking for an active, outdoorsy getaway. The sessions here are a worthy match for even the most energetic of kids, and it’s great family bonding time with grownups and children taking on new challenges together.

Read the full review of our stay at Mendip Basecamp here.

Mendip Basecamp
Mendip Basecamp

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