Mama Travels Earth rebranding to This Bristol Brood

It’s happened, I’ve done it, I’ve shed my blog name, URL and social media handles of several years – all those associated with – and wiped them (almost) from the face of the internet. Why? Because I am rebranding and this blog shall henceforth be known as This Bristol Brood!

Why have I re-branded my blog?

After much deliberation, some expert advice and the fact that since school holidays kicked in, my ability to travel has been severely depleted, I thought I’d capitalise on the fact that I live in an amazing city – Bristol – and am also an expert on said city. I’ve lived here under various guises for the past 16 years – as a University of Bristol student, a ‘young professional’ and as mama with two young kids to entertain, so I now consider myself to be a bonafide West Country lass. On top of that, I’ve also been writing endlessly, on every subject you could imagine, about Bristol in my role as Content Editor for Visit Bristol for the past four years, so I’ve got some serious Bristol credentials under my belt.

I’m still going to write about global family travel, as this particular Bristol brood of four still hopes to get away as much as we can at weekends and during the school holidays, but there will be a lot more Bristol focus on the blog, with me sharing my local knowledge, tips on exciting everyday family-friendly adventures to be had in the city plus easy day trips from the city. So if you’re local to Bristol, know somebody who is, or are planning a trip to the city any time soon, please give me a follow on my social media channels (I’ve started a group specifically for Bristol parents, so do feel free to join this little community for lots of Bristol family chat) and spread the word.

Cabot Tower_This Bristol Brood

Who is the blog aimed at?

Anyone who has an interest in Bristol and/or travel with kids in tow. Families looking for inspiration for days out in and around the city, and tips on places to go and stay further afield.

What can readers of This Bristol Brood expect?

Well, to be honest, I wrote quite a lot about Bristol before I decided to have a bit of a shift in focus – you can find lots of lovely Bristol blog posts here covering festive things to do in Bristol, reviews of family-friendly days out and all-important Bristol pubs with playgroundsmotorway stop offs near Bristol, plus lots more. This blog will particularly appeal to those interested in Bristol family life, ways of entertaining kiddos in the city, Bristol as a destination to visit for weekends or longer, plus more general family travel around the UK and wider world.

There’ll also be plenty of travel inspiration gleaned from our adventures, and of course, lots of chat about two of my main obsessions in life – neon and gin.

Bristol International Balloon fiesta mass ascent_summer_clifton suspension bridge

Join me in my new venture as This Bristol Brood!

I’d love it if you’d join me, email me, follow me on social media (I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube), send me questions, sign up to my newsletter, ask my advice or just show me pictures of brightly-coloured neon clothes or your favourite juniper based spirits!

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