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In the current climate of a cost of living crisis, and concerns for the planet, people are rightly attempting to reduce waste and look for more pocket and Earth-friendly alternatives. If you’re existing furniture still has a lot of life in it, but could do with a little spruce up, using an upholsterers in Bristol is a far more sustainable, and often cheaper option. Here’s why you should consider re-upholstering your furniture with independent Bristol business, South West Upholstery.

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furniture upholsterers Bristol

Upholsterers in Bristol

Is re-upholstery a cheaper alternative to buying new furniture?

It is very expensive to purchase new furniture, but is reupholstering your old stuff more affordable? The item you want to have reupholstered, as well as the sizing and design elements involved, will all affect the cost. Although mass-produced furniture can be more affordable, it’s questionable as to whether it will last as long. Reupholstering a high-quality piece of furniture can completely alter its appearance and feel and the completed item will survive way longer than any cheaper, new items.

furniture upholstery bristol

Reupholstering furniture increases its worth

Reupholstering furniture increases its worth, so you can even turn a profit on some pieces if you decide to sell them afterwards. Reupholstering high-quality furniture will end up being less expensive and more beneficial in the long term, whether you already have old furniture, have inherited some, or have purchased second-hand furniture for this purpose.

Aqua restaurant upholstery
Aqua restaurant Bristol

It can be customised exactly the way you like

Using upholsterers in Bristol, you can design your furniture however you want, meaning you won’t have to choose between comfort and style. You can completely manage the look of your furniture and coordinate it with the rest of your house. You can visit an upholstery workshop and go over fabric samples in person or arrange for them to be mailed to you so you can compare them to the furniture you already own. If you have found fabric elsewhere that suits you better, you can also supply it yourself. Furniture upholsterers Bristol will work with you to make sure that every last detail is completed to your

furniture upholstery bristol

High-quality items that are long-lasting

Your furniture will be produced by a trained upholsterer in a workshop, not by machines in a factory. This project is meticulously crafted with extra care and attention by a skilled craftsman.
Solid, long-lasting frames will have been used in the design and construction of high-quality, traditional furniture. Your furniture will be anticipated to last because the same level of premium fabric and padding is used when it is reupholstered.

Two seat sofa upholstery and sofa bed conversion
Two seat sofa upholstery and sofa bed conversion

It’s more environmentally-friendly

Cheap furniture frequently ends up in landfills because it isn’t built to last. Reupholstering
your old furniture or second hand finds are a far more environmentally-friendly choice. Sadly, 670,000 tonnes of furniture is dumped in landfill sites each year, wasting valuable natural resources like wood and leather. There is a tonne of high-quality, fully functional furniture here that, with a little TLC, could be given a completely new lease of life.

Repurposing someone else’s old furniture into something new is a fantastic way to do your bit for the environment (and get some wonderful furniture in the process!)

Supporting local furniture upholstery Bristol

Since the pandemic, it is also now more important than ever to support your local businesses. Local independent upholsterers in Bristol, South West Upholstery, are based in Bedminster, but cover the whole of the UK. Their family businesses started out 23 years ago in their garden shed, and has grown to become the most recognised upholstery business in Bristol. They offer a wide range of upholstery, re-upholstery, new furniture and upholstery fabric.

If you give them a call beforehand, you can visit their showroom and workshop and have a look at their ongoing projects and chat through your vision for your furniture.

French chic chair

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