Mobile massage therapist Bristol: Dos Manos review

*Disclaimer: Bristol mobile massage therapist Matthew, from Dos Manos offered me a complementary massage, but my honest opinion is given.

Something rare has happened to me this week – I have a few days off to myself. I’m still doing the school runs, but my freelance work hasn’t kicked off yet, so I’m relishing doing things that I never normally find enough time to do while working and looking after two young kids – exercise, life admin and writing my blog. It’s not particularly fancy, yet it feels wildly extravagant. 

The juggle of work and family life often means that finding time to find time for yourself can seem like yet another task on the endless To Do list. Tiredness, childcare logistics and lack of time can all push leaving the house for a bit of ‘self care’ into the ‘yah, never gonna happen’ category. BUT if you don’t actually have to leave the house, then surely that’s the dream?! Enter Matt from Dos Manos, who will come and give you a massage in the comfort of your own home.

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I love a good massage. Who doesn’t? But it’s been particularly important to me in recent years after suffering a herniated disc (and subsequent surgery). I find it so helpful in combatting the stiff back, general overwhelm and aches and pains of parenting (that come with carrying and wrestling kids), but it can be a bit of a faff to find get to a salon/spa in amongst the chaos of our busy family life. Not to mention how picky I am with therapists – nobody wants to pay for a mediocre massage, so when I find a good person, I stick with them.

Mobile massage therapist Bristol: Dos Manos

Inviting somebody into your home can be a bit daunting though and word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable. That’s why I’m sharing my experience with Matt Hodge from mobile massage practice, Dos Manos.  

Matthew recently moved from London to be closer to his two little nieces in Bristol. With Dos Manos he offers Swedish and deep tissue massage in the comfort of your own home (in postcodes BS1-BS10). ​He recently offered me a complementary Swedish massage and, with a free hour just before picking my youngest up from pre-school, I jumped at the chance!

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Matthew was really friendly and rocked up to the house with all the ingredients for a spa-style massage – and by that I mean, a deep-cushioned heated massage table with sustainably-sourced vegan and eco soft sheets (which can be used to line your food bin afterwards or as protective painting sheets!), ambient music and natural organic massage oils. 

I’d lit the woodburner in the lounge to make it even cosier, closed the blinds and Matthew gave me privacy while I changed and lay on the table. And then for a whole blissful hour I completely zoned out, which I think is always a good thing for someone who’s mind is always buzzing with the invisible labour load! It was super relaxing, the pressure was great (although I could have asked for stronger or less pressure if I’d wanted), the table was so warm and snug and the music made it feel like we were in an actual spa. 

When I rolled over, Matthew was ready with a delicious-smelling lavender eye mask, making it lovely and dark so I didn’t have that awkward, ‘shall I shut my eyes or not’ moment. Once the hour was over, Matthew packed up and I nipped out the door to collect my daughter – easy peasy! If anything, I think I was MORE relaxed afterwards as I hadn’t had to leave the house or race around trying to find a parking space in time for my appointment.

Matthew can offer massages between the hours of 8am and 10pm, so if you can’t find time in the day, you could wait until the kids are in bed and have him pop over. He also offers couples or friends massages as well as groups/parties, massages in your hotel room or even your office!

If you’re interested in a home massage with Matthew from Dos Manos, he’s offering my readers a 20% discount – just quote the code BB20 when booking (click here). You’re welcome!

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