Family-friendly hotels in Bangkok

Family-friendly hotels in Bangkok

With Bangkok, it’s hard to know where to start when booking family-friendly accommodation. My decision-making came down to the following: away from the busy Khao San Road, baby-friendly (we were travelling with a 10-month old and a three year old) with a swimming pool, nice views and a bit of wow factor, but not too expensive! I found these family-friendly hotels in Bangkok – both came with humongous rooms (helpful for our family of four) and here’s what I thought:

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The Silver Palm Rama 9, Bangkok

Convenient for an airport stopover, yet with a boutique-y vibe, this hotel offers humongous family suites at affordable prices. An enticing sitting area and pool gleam orange in the setting sun and replenish the soul after a long-haul flight. There’s a small restaurant onsite, helpful staff and a skytrain stop right outside should you want to venture into the city this way.

Family-friendly hotels in Bangkok (7)

Our room was absolutely enormous! A huge sitting area lay in-between two massive, minimalist en-suite bedrooms with a balcony looking out over the hotel’s courtyard towards the Bangkok Skytrain. As with many parts of Bangkok, the hotel lies in between a mixture of smart wealthy buildings and more dilapidated ones, and the corridor walkway to the room overlooked a waste ground one way, while the shimmering lights of the skytrain are on the other. This didn’t particularly bother us as we were only there for one night before flying to Krabi the next day (we thought we’d need some kip for us and the kids which is why we didn’t do the whole thing in one go).

Family-friendly hotels in Bangkok

As we knew we’d be exhausted following the flight (10 hours on a plane with 2 kids and a sickness bug will take it out of you!) we pre-arranged a car to pick us up from the airport through the hotel at a cost of 942 THB – perhaps a more expensive way of travelling but totally worth it for the ease.

A word of warning, watch out for mosquitoes! Come evening, the bitey bloodsucking nuisances are rife. Of course on evening one in the city, we weren’t quite as prepared as we should have been and ended up asking for our dinner to be converted into room service to escape the mosquitoes around the bar area.

All in all, an aesthetically-pleasing hotel that has way more character than most close-to-airport-hotels.

Silver Rama 9 Bangkok family friendly places to stay Thailand Family-friendly hotels Bangkok (10)Family-friendly hotels in Bangkok

Made famous from the movie, The Hangover 2, this hotel has got the five star experience down to a capital T – stay here and you’ll feel like you’re a Hollywood celeb yourself. Seek out a good deal on websites like Expedia beforehand and an enormous apartment with jaw-dropping views is yours for the price of an average UK B&B.

Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok,, family-friendly places to stay thailand

Ours, on the 21st floor, had wall-to-wall windows gazing over the sprawling city, a kitchen (with washing machine and tumble dryer!), dressing room, dining area, bathroom and a double room with en-suite…in a word, epic. Don’t be put off by the outdoor balcony balustrades with kids – the patio doors remain locked unless a member of staff is present to rule out that danger.

Family-friendly hotels in Bangkok

Food and drinks are VERY pricey, so indulge at the INCREDIBLE buffet breakfast to stock up for the day, pop across the road to the 7/11 and make use of your kitchen or stroll to restaurants nearby. About that breakfast buffet…it is quite the stuff of food dreams – every cuisine is covered and cooked exquisitely, from sushi, to chocolate-slathered crepes, green juices, pastries, Continental options, Chinese noodles, steamed dumplings or fruit, you’ll need to pace yourself to squeeze it all in your tum! Our favourite place to consume this heavenly morning meal was on the plush cushions outside in the humid heat, right next to the pool.

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For onsite daytime entertainment, there is a gorgeous swimming pool about half way up the hotel skyscraper, meaning you can gaze over city rooftops as you wallow in the water. Some parts are lovely and shallow and there is a shaded area for when the sun is out in full force, plus sun loungers dotted by the poolside.

Lebua at state tower, Bangkok, pool, family-friendly places to stay thailand

For adults, right next to the pool is a gym which looks like it’s mostly used by frequent business travellers who like to keep in shape as it was mostly empty, but looked quite tempting! For kiddos there is a park nearby, or ask the hotel to drive you (for free – although we tipped the driver) in their golden Tuk Tuk to a boat stop just down the road for a tour down the Chao Phraya river.

family-friendly hotels in bangkok

As with any good hotel, there are also endless ways to treat yourself – order room service (it really exceeds expectations), grab a massage or organise a babysitter with the concierge and head skywards for a date night at the rooftop Sky Bar (or lower rooftop bars which were a bit less ‘Instagram-selfie grabby’ – the hotel’s connection to the Hangover 2 means LOTS of people want the shot of the very top) to watch Bangkok glittering below.

Lebua at State Tower, Bangkok,, family-friendly places to stay thailand

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