My Travel Bucket List – Namibia, Germany & Norway – #TransunLights

My Travel Bucket List – Namibia, Germany & Norway – #TransunLights

I’ve surprised myself totting up this bucket list as I expected to focus waaay more on beach-lazing and cocktail-sipping. Transun have tasked bloggers with putting together their top 3 dream bucket list destinations to win a trip to see the Northern Lights. Narrowing down my list to just 3 dream destinations, is like asking me to choose between a Mojito or Gin. Almost impossible!  But I’ve done it and here they are:

Self-Drive, Namibia, Africa

Late afternoon is a beautiful time to go for a game drive. Dappled, earthy light cloaks ground and animals alike. Aglow in the dusk, Giraffes strike a pose for photographs, a herd of elephants file majestically past, their adorable calves tripping along under bigger plodding legs…I couldn’t write about dream destinations without including Africa. I was lucky enough to tick off a giant portion of my bucket list on my honeymoon – 4 months backpacking across this continent. Of course every country is different, but the soul of Africa seeps from its plains, whispers through its waters. It’s like nowhere else I have ever been. In many areas, rural, vast, rugged and unforgiving – an insight into Earth as it would have been thousands of years ago. I would love to go back to Namibia in a trusty Land Rover, pile a tent on the roof and load up with supplies. Then hit the road and seek out those ancient, untouched landscapes, sleep under the stars and watch the waterholes for wild, beautiful beasts. Africa will always have my heart.

Namibia Africa bucket list

namibia sunset

Cologne, Germany

LOVE Christmas. When winter comes around I want to skip through the streets, legs-clad like candy-canes, bells a-jangling from my toes, serenading the streets with yuletide cheer.  To make sure I get my fill of elf-culture, where better to immerse oneself completely and utterly in the merriment than a city that oozes the spirit of Christmas from every orifice during December – the Cologne Christmas markets. Twinkly lights, crisp, chilly air, the sweet whiff of roasted almonds in the air, mulled drinks and real life magic in the air.


christmas shop bruges The Northern Lights, Norway

The Aurora Borealis. I can barely pronounce it, but long has it been on my bucket list – the name alone invokes mystery and phenomena. I’m a huge neon fanatic and what a chance to see nature in all its swooshing, luminous neon glory. A spectacular rave hosted in the hemisphere, a celestial lava lamp painting ghostly shapes in the sky, wildly beautiful supernatural scratch art.  And if that wasn’t magical enough, these psychadelic halos of colour blaze above a fairytale land of sparkling snow and enchanting ice hotels reached by husky-sleds. A once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure.

husky sled canada

husky sled canada

What’s on your bucket list? Leave a comment below –  I’d love to know!


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